Almost a year has gone by since I was at Playdoc. I remember it very well and with a lot of affection. It has probably become an important festival because of the fantastic selection of films, but what I loved about the festival was that, for me, Playdoc is a place where the most interesting people from the cinema community in Galicia can come together. It is a unique kind of local cinematographic discussion forum, something which I had not seen at a festival before. During my stay, I was able to eat the most exquisite octopus dishes while surrounded by the young filmmakers who make up the Nouvelle Vigo. In a world in which people communicate with each other by phone and computer, in which artistic collectives are becoming ever thinner on the ground and cultural events are becoming more and more impersonal, Playdoc is a breath of fresh air, a model for other festivals across the world to follow.

Playdoc is a festival made in the same way as the films which it screens. For those filmmakers working outside the industry, events of this type are essential. The festival gives attendees time and space to reflect on the films, to meet the special guests, to talk and to have a fine meal. The world needs more events like Playdoc.

Many thanks to Sara and Ángel. I wish you the very best of luck with this new edition.

Nicolás Pereda