Welcome to Play-Doc 2014 !

Photo: Tamara de la Fuente
I know from previous honorees how they unanimously hold praise for every aspect of life here at Play-Doc. The administration, the food, and the exchange of ideas, came together to create a powerful feeling of community.
I’ve been making documentaries for over 50 years so I’ve attended many a film festival, in many parts of the world. The Play-doc is amongst the most impressive. The programming was wonderful as well as the variety of guests, people whom I should have met long ago. I especially enjoyed meeting everyone over a delicious glass of wine or the famous pulpo.
Tui, such a small town which itself is a reflection on the intimacy, openness and ease of conversation. What is so important about this festival, in addition to Sara and Angel’s dedication and energy, is the well-selected films that are shown and the people who made them.
I learned so much, and I had so much fun.

Albert Maysles
Ensō (円相) means “circle” in Japanese. It symbolizes the infinite, the universe, the absolute, the void, the duality of existence. The beginning and the end of all things.
It also transmits simplicity, unpretentious naturalness, austerity, energy, freedom and the desire to learn.
Its irregular and imperfect outline provides evidence of the character of its creator at the moment it was made. Every ensō is unrepeatable, original and unique.
It is with this simple (yet beautiful) circle that we wish to represent the essence of the festival: honestly and humbly displaying achievements and mistakes, when we get it right and when we get it wrong. Showing everything we have done and the current state we find ourselves in.
This is our tenth year and it is the end of an era. A cycle is coming to an end – but the circular nature of the ensō makes every end a new beginning.
We don’t know what will happen in the future, but now we are here and we have a lot of things to celebrate.
Thank you very much.